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My Published Works

Samuel Weschler just wants to win his town's Halloween decoration contest, but ex-General Reiner Kraus will stop at nothing to see that he doesn't get his way, bringing an obsessive-compulsive aide and a maniac occultist along for the ride. It's 31 days of madness, with a rag-tag Resistance group trying to rescue Sam's crafts, the town, and Halloween before it's too late. This comic strip collection is part of the webcomic series, Third Party, in conjunction with To Było Tak, all of which can be found at

Heaven Sent
Where do pets come from, and where do our pets go when they die? This children's book embarks on the journey to help kids understand and cope with the loss of a pet. Founded in grace, this book explains the love God has for all His creation; how from God animals were created, and to Him they return.

It is an easy-read book, for children age 5-9. Although it talks about Heaven, it is a book for all those who love and cherish their pets. In the back of the book are scriptural references that solidify the unconditional and beautiful love God has for His animals.

Dave's First Christmas
(Written by Linda Konecney, Illustrated by me) Although this is Dave's first Christmas, he's heard many exciting stories about it from his beloved owner Jenifer. However, there is something he just doesn't understand about the holiday...what's it really all about? In this Christmas Eve adventure, Dave is determined to find out the true meaning of Christmas. Join him and the other farm animals in his search. Author Linda Konecny has based this first book in the new series, DAVER DOG ADVENTURES, on biblical principles, hoping to show young children, in a fun way, who Jesus is. Look for more upcoming adventures with Dave...along with the other dogs, Mary, Nancy, Ted and Lucy. Linda resides in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho with her husband Kelly, along with their beloved dogs. Aside from writing, Linda runs a small, family owned wholesale business with her husband, which manufactures and distributes Embroidered Linen Christian cards....MARMYhead, Inc.

Grumpy Giles
Grumpy Giles is about a wacky owner and her uncanny love for a grumpy betta fish.This book contains comics strips, illustrations and short stories based on the life of Giles D. Peesh and his owner Fyuvix.

In this full-color, two part volume, Galileo tries to regain his position in the Jaybirds after being blamed for the death of their leader, but reclaiming his place will require help from an unlikely friend that may risk his relationship with his father. Also included is over 50 strips and an art gallery.

Follow the lives of the Jaybirds, a gang of greasers as they cope with the loss of their leader Johnny and begin to rebuild their rebel reputation.

Furs on Furs
This book features 30 black and white nude pinups of cartoon animal girls on top of pelts, illustrated by Fyuvix. It is intended for ages 17 and up.



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New Story at TBT | Bday Deal

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 16, 2014, 11:37 PM
New story at To Było Tak: Dances with Wolves
Eldest brother of the Wolf family, Georg, concocts a scheme to protect his neighbors across the German-Polish border with the ominous shadow of war upon them.
Updates every Tues & Thurs
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:iconsardiini: is open for commissions HERE.
And :iconjunejenssen: has one more slot HERE.
And :iconemalietison: has commissions open HERE.

I say all this not only to promote some of my favorite artists, but because I'm selfish and my birthday is coming up... XD And commissions are always well-appreciated!! Plus it supports incredibly talented artists.

Some other awesome folks to stalk: :iconcigar-blues::iconjackarais::iconomurizer::iconpiano-be1t::iconirukachan:Spookaboo, PegiBruno, Roller, and so many others o_o XDDDD

Anyway, if anyone would like to buy commissions for my birthday on May21st, I would love to repay the favor with art in return! Everyone wins!
I would like to repay the buyer with a similar level of art in return for what they purchase for me. (Sketch for a sketch, bust for a bust, multi-character for multi-character, etc) Don't feel limited to the artists above either. I have too many favorite artists to even list, and I know there are some awesome artists out there I've yet to even find XD so the options are limitless!
If so, feel free to commission any of the guys from my cast at To Było Tak
HERE, as they are my babies and I love them so. XD For more refs, just type a character's name in my DA search bar.

Thanks all for reading!
/selfishbirthdaygreed XDDDDD



Full color commission
Commission- Brokken by Fyuvix
Piggy Girl by Fyuvix
Commission- Fireflies by Fyuvix
Launchpad by Fyuvix
Single character only
No complex props, armor, or backgrounds ie: furniture, interiors, cities etc.
Comes with gradient background
May allow a single, simple prop. Ie: handheld item, food, etc
Yes, I can draw fan characters (just be aware of my style)
No fetish art, nudity, or porn

How to order
:bulletred:Send me the following: Your email address, character references, description.
:bulletred:Be sure you are as descriptive as you want. I will not be doing edits due to the nature of the dA commission system.
:bulletred:Things to consider: Angle, facial expression, body type, character's age, clothing, accessories, etc.

Questions? Note me.
$15 Lineart
Animal I Have Become by Fyuvix
Lineart-Cheeks the Cat by Fyuvix
Lineart- Edmund Stage Three by Fyuvix
DoubleChimera What Does Mean by Fyuvix
Single character
No fetish art or nudity (cartoon nudity is okay)
Simple background will cost extra (for paypal buyers only)
No complex backgrounds: cityscapes, furnished interiors, architecture, etc
Also accepts paypal (note me if interested)

How to order
Bullet; RedSend me the following: Your email address, character references, description.
Bullet; RedBe sure you are as descriptive as you want. I will not be doing edits due to the nature of the dA commission system.
Bullet; RedThings to consider: Angle, facial expression, body type, character's age, clothing, accessories, etc.

Questions? Note me.


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journihedgehog 1 day ago   Traditional Artist
Me no understand concept of drawing buildings and cities :(
Fyuvix 1 day ago  Professional Digital Artist
Do you know how to draw a cube? Essentially that's all they are.… here's a good tutorial on drawing a cube in 2-point perspective.
For more on perspective I definitely recommend the book: Perspective Made Easy n.n
nonten4 1 day ago  New member
So are you a nazi or something like that?
Fyuvix 1 day ago  Professional Digital Artist
No but you can read my info on why I draw WWII here: under my profile. 
nonten4 1 day ago  New member
So are you a human. (cant find it in forum)
Actually she's a bald eagle and has to fly at the keyboard to strike it with her talons, which explains the frequent typos. Or a 950-year-old Time Lord. Or a dinosaur.

You can pick.
(2 Replies)
Fyuvix 1 day ago  Professional Digital Artist
Um? Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnot sure I understand why you're asking? XDDD I'm not NOT a human? What else would I be?
(1 Reply)
Lucheek 5 days ago  Student Digital Artist
The other day in my Digital Coloring class, your work was used an example for a coloring technique. At first I was just happy that I recognized some of the art used. Then I got nostalgic because I'm in my Junior year here at SCAD and I remember part of the reason I began looking into SCAD because I saw that you were studying comics there and I loved comics. I didn't know before that that you could study comics. I'm a Sequential Art Major myself now and loving it. Just wanted to shout out to you for being such in an inspiration for so long!
Fyuvix 5 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
alkdsf Ermagersh I'm so honored TuT Thank you for telling me this. It's really made my day!!! Wow. Which piece was it if you don't mind my asking?
I'm glad to know you're pursuing Sequential Art!! It's one of the most liberating forms of art, the most self-driven path that opens up your future for plenty of opportunities n.n I hope it finds you well in the career world! Do let me know how everything's going!
Lucheek 5 days ago  Student Digital Artist
It was this peice!

Thank you! I have portfolio reviews with Editor's Day tomorrow- hopefully this is the beginning of successful... career networking.

I like Sequential Art because of I like to tell stories!

Oh man, I remember when I was in junior high and you red lined a drawing for me. I can't believe how far I've come!!
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